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CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Report

1. The operator's words        

This year, due to the instability of the entire international political situation, the overall economy and trade have been sluggish. At the beginning of the year, due to the sudden and severe outbreak of the new coronavirus, it caused tens of millions of people around the world to be infected, and it also claimed the lives of many people. This also aroused our concern for the company itself and its role. Provincial thinking. In addition to this; regarding the current global climate warming, which has caused the destruction and catastrophe of the ecological environment, we must not stay out of the matter. Therefore, how do we do a good job in environmental protection and do our part for our planet? This is an urgent and important issue for every inhabitant of the planet. Nanxiang has been sticking to its own business for a long time, and upholding the business philosophy of prudent, down-to-earth, and decent, deepening the platform and giving back to the village. And fulfill the social responsibilities of the company, silently caring for the disadvantaged, environmental protection, employee health, etc., and continue to work hard.

2. integrity management

1. Company Overview

Nanfang Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established on January 1, 1969, and the factory was registered and established on November 1, 1969. Over the past 51 years, due to its excellent quality and accurate delivery, it has been widely supported by customers. Therefore, orders continue to increase, business is growing rapidly, and so far it has become a medium-sized enterprise. Nanshan also compared other large-scale excellent corporate systems and formulated management regulations that comply with the company's management regulations. As the system can be recognized by employees, employees have a strong sense of centripetal force and recognition. Nanshan upholds the stable, practical and decent business philosophy, as well as the continuous pursuit of excellence and growth. And with sustainable development as the business goal, all colleagues work together to create brilliant results again.

2. Products and services

(1) In recent years, due to the needs of the entire international and domestic markets, the textile industry has continued to develop new materials and new products in order to expand business opportunities, and expand factories and update production equipment in order to strive for opportunities to expand Domestic and foreign markets. At present, Taiwan's textiles occupy an extremely important position in the global functional textile market and are also one of the main sources of raw material supply. Nanshan has been committed to the renewal of production equipment and the improvement of professional skills for a long time to improve production capacity and efficiency. And properly control the production of finished products to provide customers with stable and excellent quality to increase market share and competitiveness. ,

(2) Products and uses:

1. POLYESTER raw white yarn and colored yarn. ----

2. NYLON original white yarn, colored yarn, strong twist yarn. ----

3. Special composite yarn and colored yarn. ----

4. Application: weaving cloth, ribbon, hosiery, knitted cloth, woven cloth, flat knitting, wrapping yarn.

3. Corporate governance

(1) The chairman of Nanshan Company is the chairman of the shareholders meeting and the board of directors, under which there are vice chairman and general manager, etc., in order to strengthen the corporate governance structure and improve the efficiency of discussion. ,

(2) Management team: In addition to considering professional management and management capabilities, Nanshan selects members of the management team, and also considers whether they have the determination and belief to lead the company towards sustainable development. So that Nanfang Company can achieve balanced development in terms of operation management, environmental sustainability, social prosperity, and labor and capital win-win. And grow and thrive in stability, in order to move towards sustainable management.

(3) Organization Chart of Nanyuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.

4.risk management

Due to the continuous changes in the global environment and market demand, this is testing Nanshan's adaptability and management capabilities. We implement lean production and strengthen various process capabilities, thus greatly improving production efficiency to meet the needs of customers' production capacity. Nanxiang strengthened the close integration and operation of the integrated midstream and downstream supply chain to reduce unnecessary cost loss and business management risks, and strengthened internal control, organizational management and technological improvement. In the face of rising production costs, Nanshan takes the initiative and actively develops new products, expands new markets, and develops new customers. At the same time, it will improve customer service and strengthen the relationship with customers, creating a win-win situation for supply and demand. Nanxiang will build a further management mechanism for suppliers, strengthen the quality, efficiency and service of product supply, and achieve more effective control and supervision to reduce operational and management risks. And rigorously control the price of raw materials to reduce procurement costs and production costs, and to avoid the risk of excessive concentration in procurement. Therefore, Nanshan fully grasps the source of goods and market information in order to shorten the procurement level and time, and diversify the procurement risk. In addition, Nanxuan constantly updates production equipment to increase production capacity to meet operational needs. And actively invest in the development of new products, committed to upgrading the industry and competitiveness.      

3. green environment

1. Green results

Nanshan is always doing its part in protecting our living environment, protecting the earth and cherishing nature from threats. This is the social responsibility and obligation that an enterprise must shoulder. The pursuit of beautiful nature and life is our common goal, and it is also our awe of the living environment. Nanxuan upholds this spirit and strives to contribute to the implementation of environmental protection work. Therefore, the dyes and auxiliaries we use in the manufacturing process, in addition to the dyes and auxiliaries that must comply with the national environmental protection certification standards, we also follow and obtain the specifications and certificates that comply with international environmental protection regulations as follows:

(1) OEKO-TEX Standard 100 standard. ,

(2) "EU Chemical Policy" REACH regulations. ,

(Three) blue sign standard blue sign standard. ,

(4) CNS 15290 L1036 "Textile Safety Specification" national standard. ,

(5) CPSIA standards of the US "Consumer Product Safety Enhancement Act". ,

(6) GRS "Global Recycled Standard" global recycling standard. ,

(7) PAHs specifications for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. ,

2. Green production

Nanshan is constantly committed to the improvement of production processes, product design, and the use of processing chemicals, in addition to various conservation, energy conservation and carbon reduction. More consideration should be given to how to use resources more effectively and improve the efficiency of resource use. Therefore, improvement should be made from the three major aspects of production process, product development, and resource utilization. And strictly control and inspect the source management of related raw materials to solve the root cause of environmental problems. All raw materials have passed strict safety inspections and tests before production. Therefore, regardless of the processing flow, production steps, or the number of manufacturers involved, the products can be produced safely. And it helps to remove harmful substances from the source to ensure that the product meets the international environmental protection green production.

3. Energy management

In view of the increasing severity of global warming and climate change caused by the greenhouse effect, energy saving and carbon reduction is one of the important tasks of countries all over the world. Nanxuan upholds the spirit of being friendly to the environment, and implements the "green supply chain" to reduce energy use and carbon dioxide emissions, which is one of the important tasks that Nanxuan has actively invested in recent years. In order to effectively manage the use of energy and improve energy efficiency, through the energy management dedicated system and the establishment of energy performance indicators, etc. And through PDCA "plan, implement, check, and act" to continuously improve to achieve the goal of systematic energy management, improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Nanxiang mainly produces raw white yarn and colored yarn products. During the production process, the main energy sources are the electricity used in the process and the energy consumption of the boiler. Therefore, how to improve production efficiency to save energy is extremely important, and the relevant actions are explained as follows:

(1) Heat energy recovery of boiler equipment: install a heat energy return device to recover the heat energy of the condensed water of the dryer to the boiler for reuse, reducing electricity energy consumption. ,

(2) Optimization of air compressor equipment operation: Adjust the classification mechanism plus AIR blowing to optimize the staged blowing to improve the efficiency of electric energy use. ,

(3) Optimizing the operation of the blower of the waste water field: add a frequency converter to the blower of the biological pool of the waste water field to improve the efficiency of electric energy use. ,,,,,,,,,,, ...

(4) Replacement of fluorescent tubes in the factory area: The entire factory will switch to LED lamps to improve the efficiency of electric energy use. ,

(5) Replacement of variable-frequency motors in process equipment: Use the frequency converter to adjust the frequency, reduce the starting current, improve the frequency of starting and stopping the motor, and reduce the loss. ,

(6) Reduce the energy consumption of the wastewater field: review the electricity consumption of various science and technology sections, the filter bucket backwash mode and the adjustment tank aerator are changed to manual operation to avoid unnecessary waste of electricity and energy.

4. Pollution prevention and control management

Nanshan actively implements energy-saving and carbon-reduction actions, by continuously improving production equipment, increasing equipment efficiency, reducing production standby time and shortening the reaction time of pharmaceuticals. In order to reduce the use of boilers and greatly reduce the pollutants emitted by combustion into the atmosphere, the relevant prevention and control measures are as follows:

(1) Air pollution prevention and control:

In 2019, Nanxuan replaced two steam boilers from heavy oil burners to liquid gas burners to reduce the large amount of polluting gas emissions generated during the production and operation of the factory. After the fuel used is changed to low-polluting liquid gas, the particulate pollutants, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds produced by the original heavy oil are also greatly reduced, which directly improves the air quality. The company also has another coal-fired boiler, which is regularly tested and reported, and its various emissions are within the emission standards of environmental protection laws. In order to ensure and comply with the standard values ​​after the revision of environmental protection regulations and stricter emission standards in 2020, the company expects to invest a huge amount of money to increase control equipment and make improvements to equipment updates. ,

(2) Water pollution prevention:

In addition to its long-term commitment to environmental protection, Nanshan has strictly abided by various environmental protection laws and regulations, and has strictly managed and supervised the wastewater treatment procedures and discharge operations. In addition to thorough routine self-testing, we regularly commission qualified environmental engineering consulting companies every six months to monitor and inspect the operating procedures and water quality of wastewater treatment to ensure that the water quality meets the discharge standards. ,

(3) Waste management:

Nanshan understands that an enterprise has the responsibility and obligation to care for the environment and protect the environment from pollution. Therefore, the disposal of industrial waste is entrusted to qualified manufacturers certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Nanshan attaches great importance to pollution prevention and control, and has always adhered to the belief in green and environmental protection. For waste disposal, in addition to complying with relevant environmental protection laws and regulations, it also entrusts legal operators to be responsible for cleaning, transportation, incineration or burying. Therefore, there has been no leakage since operation Of events.

5. Supplier Social Responsibility Management Nanxuan and its suppliers have established a long-term relationship of mutual trust and mutual benefit. Nanxuan regularly evaluates and assesses existing third-party manufacturers and contract manufacturers. To ensure its quality, delivery time, safety, and construction management capabilities. In 2020, the "Supplier Social Responsibility and Ethics Code" will be officially introduced, and the environmental, human rights, and social aspects of evaluating suppliers will be implemented. In addition, the main suppliers and new suppliers are further included in the evaluation scope of CSR "Corporate Social Responsibility".

6. customer satisfaction

Nanshan attaches great importance to customers' satisfaction with the company's various service indicators, brand image, value and service quality. In addition to regular customer satisfaction surveys every year, we are also committed to providing complete product solutions and developing various innovative application products. In the control of process quality status, delivery status, packaging and transportation status, correct delivery status, after-sales service status, overall satisfaction, etc., there are special power and responsibility units to be responsible for implementation. Nanshan always adheres to the highest principle of customer first and service first, and strives to provide customers with the most satisfactory service quality.

4. employee relations

Nanxiang always regards employees as the most important business partners, and hopes that employees can grow together with the company. Therefore, we are more committed to protecting the rights and interests of employees and creating a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment. In addition to providing due protection in accordance with laws and regulations, it also provides a sound communication platform to reduce any form of forced or compulsory labor. Focus on the long-term development of talents, design a market-competitive overall compensation policy, and provide comprehensive benefits and systems, and work together to create a win-win labor-management relationship. It is hoped that every employee can work happily and be proud of being a part of Nanfang. ,

1. Salary, benefits and rights

(1) Employee salary and benefits:

The purpose of the salary policy is to attract outstanding talents to join, encourage talents with development potential to stay, and create high performance for the company by forming an operating team of outstanding talents, and to share the operating results with employees. Nanshan salary standards are planned according to the aforementioned purpose, encouraging employees to pursue breakthroughs, be brave to challenge, and create performance. All employees of the company enjoy complete salary and benefits, such as bonuses for model employees, bonuses for mid-year assessment performance, year-end bonuses, and festive gifts. And based on the staff's academic background, professional knowledge and technology, professional years of experience and personal performance to determine the salary and remuneration. There are no differences due to differences in gender, race, religion, political stance, marital status, trade unions, etc. In addition, Nanxuan distributes bonuses based on the company's operating conditions and employees' personal performance each year to reward employees for their contributions. The amount of money earned by each employee will depend on his job title and performance. ,

(2) Employees' rights and interests:

Nanshan is committed to safeguarding the human rights of employees and will not use race, gender, age, political stance or religious beliefs as the evaluation criteria for employee appointment, assessment and promotion. In the implementation, communication or complaint channels are also set up, and complaints or incidents and the personal information of colleagues are carefully kept confidential and handled. Nanshan strictly abides by the provisions of various labor laws and regulations, never employ child labor under the age of 15, and employees under the age of 18 never perform dangerous work. All changes to labor conditions shall be notified in accordance with laws and regulations. ,

(3) Health care:

Nanshan has always attached great importance to the health of its employees. By organizing various health seminars, it arranges employee health checkups every year and promotes the concept of health to strengthen employees' health awareness and convey the correct concepts of prevention and health care. Provide and implement the sharing of health and healthcare related information in the long-term. In addition, Nanxiang also encourages colleagues to develop exercise habits, and sets a weekly meeting every Monday morning as a morning exercise time, allowing colleagues to maintain physical health and strong physique through regular and moderate activities and stretching.        

 5.social welfare         

The stable operation and growth of an enterprise really depends on the sound social and economic development, and the two are in a relationship of coexistence and common prosperity. Nanxuan has been cultivating the land in Taiwan for nearly 40 years. In addition to the contribution of the industry, how to improve the social culture, healthy environment and employees' lives are also areas that we try our best to focus on. We are committed to the development and advantages of our industry, giving back to the society, being close to our neighbors, and upholding our original intention to continue caring for the community and villages step by step. I hope to inject a warm current into the part of social welfare, support the development of society with feedback and actions, and make the relationship between the company and the society closer and better. Nanshan always upholds the concept of taking from the society and using it for the society. Caring for disadvantaged groups, promote community public welfare affairs, expand social influence, and promote sustainable and harmonious development, so as to implement the social welfare and responsibilities that Nanshan insists on.